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Dementia is the name of the disease this disease would affect the brain slightly and the affected person would not be able to remember the past things and he would not be able to recollect all this profile, therefore this kind of patient would not be able to attend to his work only after getting cure the patient would be in a position to attend to all his work. But only slow cure is possible because this is a group of disease staid at a place of the patient. For this problem in home cannot be treated because the patient needs complete assistance even he or she would forget his previous day routine and would not be able to do the next day routine for all this a place selected by the caretaker of the patients and it is alzheimer’s disease north York this problem can be cured perfectly and the patient would be in a position to do all his duty regularly, but the medicinal expense would be more and for that he or she should be prepared for it. The care is absolutely necessary for the patient. Twenty four hours care only makes the patient to stay in happy mood. The nurse should have to be with the patient to assist the patient at times patient would be recollecting the day and informing to the nurse, in that time nurse should have to note down and inform to the doctor about the patient improvement. However there would be improvement to the patient with the special treatment if provided in the hospital. In case the patient is not willing to admit in the hospital he has to be cared in the home with all the facilities of course some hospitals provides the nurses to the home along with the necessary medicines in that case rapid cure is also possible for the patient.


Memory loss is dangerous problem in a case a patient would be not remembering his name and address where is he living all these things are cured only through the right medicines. All these medicines are expensive but the charities are helping the patients who are without paying capacity to the hospital, however the cure is definite for this kind of patients only proper attention is required to cure this patients of course the caretaker should have strong mind that the patient would be recovered from this disease sooner.